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Available to choose from below resistance:

  • Mini Gym Band Light, Orange, 10 - 36 kg
  • Mini Gym Band Mediumt, Gray, 15 - 44 kg
  • Mini Gym Band Hard, Black 22.7 - 54 kg

Dimensions of the band
Length: 300 mm
Width: 5o mm

Mini Gym Band

  • Mini Gym Band - A versatile training tool for effective resistance training in all environments!

    Available in 3 different strengths. Flexible and multifunctional tool for training both upper and lower body.

    Ideal for lateral movements, hip and gluteus activation, shoulder stabilizing exercises and leg strength training..

    Efficient and versatile training equipment that can be used any time - anywhere!

  • We ship all over Europe. Transportation is FOB Stockholm, Sweden.

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