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The creation of the Mini Hotel Box series stemmed from our mission to bring added passion, activity and romance into the lives of guests around the world while away from home. We want to give your guests an complete overall experience with their stay. Whether your guests are on a 5 day vacation or weekend getaway, our products make their stay one to remember. 

Our clever boxes will inspire your guests to explore their playful side away from the stresses of everyday life with a little something extra special (Mini Love Boxes), or just take the time to have a great training session (Mini Training Boxes). 


We understand the special needs of the hospitality industry and have tailored our luxury kits for this unique market. Timely shipments, outstanding customer service, products that make profits for our clients and fun kits your guests will love.

Our customer service provides the highest attention and nothing less and our product quality is guaranteed.

OBS! All the prices showed on our page is retail prices. Mail us to get your Hotel price.

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