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After designing the first product, we soon realised that releasing just the one product to market would be difficult. We wanted our clients to have more choice according to their brand and guests. So, we began producing a list of other products to compliment our brand.

Our next product was a natural choice for us. Previously, we created a concept for a hotel chain called, "Train in your Room" with one of our other companies, Bodyweight (, a brand within the exercise and health industry. Within Bodyweight, we promote an exercise tool that we designed ourselves. The exercise tool is hung on the back of a door and uses your own body weight to do the same exercises you might perform in the gym. The tool also comes with an associated iPhone and Android app containing an array of exercises and demonstrating how to train with the tool. To compliment this exercise tool, we created the Mini Gym Box.

Together, these two training products allow guests to train in the comfort of their room without the need for any special training clothes or shoes. The products are also perfect for traveling beacause they are designed to take up very little space.

As a hotel, to have your brand associated with training and health is a very good way to build your brand with certain guests and make additional sales. Of course, you also have the opportunity to lend/rent the bands to the room for free. Giving guests the opportunity to train in the room will, at the same time, give them the chance to try the products and see how easy it is to use.

Today, the free Bodyweight app has approximately 150,000 people using it for training and is highly recommended. We are also in the process of updating the app with exercises that do not required any additional tools, just your own body weight.

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