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So after having our first product in place, we understood that we needed a larger assortment of products to start our company. The next product was a natural choice for us. 

Adding to our Range One of our other companies is called Bodyweight (, a brand within the exercise and health industry.  Within Bodyweight, we promote an exercise tool, that we designed ourselves, which uses your own body weight to perform exercises.

Previously, we created a concept for a hotel chain called, "Train in your Room".  The exercise tool is hung on the back of a door allowing guests to train with their own body weight. The tool also comes with an associated iPhone and Android app containing an array of exercises and demonstrating how to train with the tool. To compliment this exercise tool, we created the Mini Gym Box. Together, these two training products allow guests to train in the comfort of their room.  Guests do not need any special training clothes or shoes and they don’t need to worry or be disappointed if the hotel 'gym' only contains an exercise bike and a skipping rope.

We decided the third product, in the Mini Hotel Box range, would be perfect for hotels located in warmer climates. An emergency sun kit containing sunscreen, Aloe Vera and lip sunscreen. Simple but effective and much needed by some guests! 

We have several product ideas on our list but for now we have our initial collection, which we will add to over time.

How much?

Our next consideration was the overall pricing level, which we believe we have succeeded in keeping resonable.  Just as we felt disappointed by some hotels claiming to have a gym, the price of products for purchase in a minibar was also a subject of slight irritation.

One evening, we were craving truffle chips and there happened to be a bag in the minibar. Unfortunately, the size of the bag justified the name "Mini" but the price of $5 USD did not?! It was about 4 times more expensive than you would find in a standard grocery store. I’m sure other guests can be just annoyed by this.

Our idea from the very beginning, was to ensure we worked on the purchasing price of our products. The price our products sell for should be relative to the price sold elsewhere. For example, if a guest needs a pair of mini bands to train in the room, they can easily google mini bands and see that the price is comparable to a sports shop.  It makes sense then, to the guest that they should purchase them at the hotel where they need to use them rather than waiting.    

Our Mini Hotel Box products will be on available from September and if other guests are anything like us and have similar needs, they will really value their hotel stay if their experience is enhanced by our range of products.

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