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The whole idea for creating and designing the Mini Hotel Box range came from this product. On one business trip, when we stayed at a boutique hotel in central New York with a similar concept. We both agreed that the concept was very smart and that we could design something that suited our classic taste.

When on a weekend away with a partner, most people hope for a little romance, whatever their age! To present them with a box of pleasure accessories is perfect. It really gave us a feeling of added value. As a guest, it's to take the room, a bed, nice bathroom, minibar and tv for granted. Anything that can be offered above and beyond these things is an added value. It can create a great feeling and experience surrounding the stay, that makes the guest think positively about the hotel, praise it to their friends and hopefully return.

We created the Mini Boxes with "nice to have" accessories that most guests would appreciate. So the Mini Love Box was the first product within the Mini Hotel Box range. To ensure we had something for everyone, we designed 3 different versions, a basic kit, standard box and a luxury box.

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